Philippine Grand Lotto Jackpot at Php633M for 24 Nov 2010

If you are online searching for a home-based or part-time job, then, you might have played or gambled once or more hoping to win the jackpot.

Tonight's Philippine Grand Lotto 6/55 draw has a jackpot prize of Php633M with the number combinations of 04-41-40-55-42-45. Unfortunately, no one won the jackpot. Or, should I say fortunately? The next draw will be on Saturday. I still got another shot to win that jackpot. For sure, the jackpot prize will be higher.

According to the news anchor of a popular TV network, there are more than 28M of 6-numbers combinations for the Grand Lotto. If a person is rich enough to bet at all the combinations with Php20 cost for each, a winner must spend about 580M. That is still about Php53M (Php633M - 580M) in winnings.

Goodluck to everyone. :)


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