Bills Payment

As I've mentioned in my Domain Renewal post, billings arrived few days ago. Time to pay my domain name registration bills. As a blogger who wants to earn money online, you don't really need to buy a domain name. There are many free alternatives like Blogger, WordPress, Xanga, Multiply, and more. If you just started blogging and has not yet proven there's real money online just by writing, then why not use the free alternatives? No registration and annual fees on domain name registration and web hosting fees to worry about. In short, no bills payment to think of.

Do I earn that much? Well, not much, too. That's because I have my own lazy periods. :) If you checked my archives, there are periods I had not posted for months. But I do earn a few dollars even during my lazy period and that's what makes blogging enjoyable. Well, for those months I have not posted anything, for sure, I am busy with something else offline. Not really lazy, though.

Anyway, since bills payment has been sent, I need to start working to recoup what I spent. Another week more and Google Adsense will be sending in payments. :)

By the way, don't forget your submissions to Blue Mountain Arts Biannual Poetry Card Contest. First prize is $300. That could take care a lot of smaller bills. :)


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