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It's that time of the year again when there's nothing you can do but pay for the registration of domain name if you want to keep it. Otherwise, it will soon be snatched immediately especially when it is a pricey one. Since I started registering my own domain names, I've tried different domain registrars. Currently, most of my domains are registered with Namecheap.

A few of the features I love with NameCheap includes
  • Domain consolidation - see all your domains you own here in a single page. You don't need to remember individual domain names and their codes.
  • Easy to use domain control panel which lets you perform almost all activities like setting up DNS, changing contact information, etc.
  • You will also have features that will allow you to delegate control to another user. You can grant access to all or limited features based on your requirement.
  • You should also have an account, if you buy a domain name from someone and would like to use the free transfer between accounts.
Of course, I should also mention that every new registration includes a WHOIS guard that lets you keep your privacy. For renewal, the cost is considered affordable.

What I only hope is that Namecheap will soon be offering coupons for domain name renewals.


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