If you are blogger and you are using Facebook, then you are probably familiar with the application NetworkedBlogs which is one of the tools being used by bloggers to syndicate their web articles.

I have not been a regular blogger for sometime and I have not yet explored all of its functionalities so what I'll write is what I had observed.

The first time I used NetworkedBlogs, my feeds were pulled as soon as I published my post. Since I had not yet then automated the publication on my Facebook page, I had to manually syndicate the feeds. That was before.

Then, I changed my settings such that newly published posts will be automatically pulled and published/syndicated. Unfortunately, the pulling portion is not as fast as before. Maybe, it's because the number of users have already increased.

Another thing that is worth mentioning as per NetworkedBlogs FAQ is that the frequency of pulling the feeds is dependent on the number of followers. The lower number of followers, the longer the delay will be. Do I need to increase the number of my followers, then?

I got to do something. I had manually pulled my blog's latest post but still, there was no notification that a new feed was retrieved. It was about an hour, more or less, when finally, I found my latest blog post syndicated by NetworkedBlogs on my Facebook profile page. Right, that much delay.

So, my advice is don't panic. There's nothing wrong with your settings. NetworkedBlogs is just busy. Your feeds will be syndicated soon.


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