oDesk: Outsourcers and Freelancers

Do you have a job you need to outsource? Or are you a freelancer looking for a job online?

If you have not heard of freelancing sites then most probably, you have not heard of oDesk yet. oDesk is one of the sites where advertisers or employers post jobs and where freelancers find jobs. It helps freelancers grow, learn new skills and adapt to the changing job market.

Advertisers get to interview and choose the right people for the job they want while freelancers get to choose the right job for their skills set. Freelancers also take skills test to showcase their abilities and these in turn can be used by advertisers or employers as basis in hiring.

Both employers and freelancers can choose how a job will be delivered. The employer can specify an hourly rate or fixed rate or Find Virtual Assistants on oDesk Freelancers can choose to work on a per hour basis or a fixed rate.

Of course, there are always things to look out for, both for employers and freelancers. Undelivered services, employers asking for too many favors or asking for many revisions, late or unpaid payments, very low payments, low quality jobs, etc.

These are all part of earning money online. Just do your due diligence and you'll be like other online freelancers enjoying the freedom of working on their own time, at the place they want to, for the price they want to receive.


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