FREE BDO Easy Investment Plan Seminar

I was browsing for information on some investment terms when I chanced upon this announcement:

Dear BDO Clients,

BDO Trust and Investments Group cordially invites you to a free seminar on the BDO Easy Investment Plan (EIP). The EIP is an investment scheme that enables you to attain your financial goals and financial wellness through the twin habits of saving and investing. It promotes wealth build-up by developing a regular automatic savings habit via investments in UITFs. Moreover, the EIP incorporates what investment experts consider the best, tried and tested principles that make a successful saving and investing plan. Thus, the EIP provides a solution to counter the major obstacles to financial freedom.

Because of limited seating capacity, registration is a must and will be accepted on a first come - first served basis. When you register, please wait for our confirmation e-mail.

You may e-mail your inquiries and reservation to: We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

Seminar details:
When: August 20, 2011 (Saturday)
9:30 a.m. - Registration
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 nn - Seminar proper

Where: Business Lounge, 22/F South Tower, BDO Corporate Center, 7899 Makati Ave. cor. H.V. Dela Costa Sts., Makati City

Source: BDO Website

I had emailed BDO Investment Group and they already asked for the name of attendees yet I am not sure if that is already the confirmation. I'll just email them back again to confirm if I don't get any :) Don't be intimated in emailing them. I only sent a 2-sentence reservation email on the address they provided.

If you've earned money online more than enough for your extra spending or you're planning to invest your hard earned money, knowing what and when to invest is important. There are different investing seminars such as the BDO EIP that are being offered once in a while. Take advantage of these offers and be informed in order to arrive at the profitable decision.


love2type said…
i wonder if seminar is offered in cebu as well.
Fleur said…
Maybe, you can inquire at Cebu branch BDOs if they have future seminars.
Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.

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