24 Free Bids from Pisobid.com

I got a surprise from Pisobid today though it should not be a surprise if only I religiously open my emails. The email was sent 2 months ago with the subject "Pisobid.com - FREE 24 bids for your purchase at Ensogo". This is in connection with the delivery delay of serials and pins of the bid packs I purchased from Ensogo.

Considering that the cost of 12 bids is P200, the 24 FREE bids worth P400 is really an interesting subject. I am not sure how did I missed it since this email was not filtered and it is still sitting in my inbox out of the hundreds of emails I received since that time. With the serial and pin on the email and crossed fingers since it's been 2 months, I tried them. It works! :)

The instruction was to ask for a refund from Ensogo but since I was not able to read it, I was not able to ask for a refund. Instead, I emailed and requested that the serials and pins should be delivered already because the vouchers are near to expiry. Luckily, Ensogo delivered after more than a month.

In summary, I got 24 FREE bids from Pisobid for the inconvenience and delay. I am still not sure if that's enough. What I am sure of is that the value of the free bids are more than what I paid for the 3 Pisobid Ensogo vouchers I bought, which I have also redeemed.


Angelo said…
Same happened to me! But what I did was to call them sa main office ng PisoBid.

Matagal tagal din kami nag usap ng PisoBid and I also email ensogo.

Ito po ang nangyari. As a courtesy to those who purchased the PisoBid bid packs, Pisobid has given me 24 free bids and to everyone who availed of the deal. Due to the negligence by Ensogo, customers should have asked for a full refund or corresponding amount of Ensogo credits equal to their purchase but wala.

PisoBid then emailed me na contact again ensogo for PIN and SERIAL. Dun lang nagload ang BIDS ko.

Sabi ng PisoBid, nadelayed daw po ang ensogo sa pagpapadala ng mga data needed ng PisoBid para magsend ng BID.

I emailed ensogo what PisoBid said, wala naman silang sinabi na hindi totoo or true yun.

Pero ok na rin, na credit naman ang BIDS eh. So ok na..
Fleur said…
Thanks for the feedback, Angelo. It was nice of you to share also your experience about PisoBid.com That was really nice of them to give 25 FREE bids.

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