The Joy of Earning Income Online

For the past months, I concentrated on my full time offline job and looked for other offline business ventures / investments. So far, I've found some but like online, there are glitches that can't be avoided. My online ventures experienced setback but still, they provided me passive income. Not much to boast but I was able to buy some photography accessories and an extra zoom lens for my Canon 1100D (I am now saving for a macro lens :))  No, I won't talk about photography. I want to talk about my small eloading business.

The website for my eloading business is at LoadXtreme / Vmobile Eloading Station. I am currently using my technopreneur / dealer account for personal discounts on my mobile load purchases. I know that there are many online users who need prepaid electronic loads for their mobile phones so I also included a Paypal purchase button on the side without expecting too much for a sale.

My first sale was, unfortunately, not a good experience. Maybe, the client expected that the eload will be automatically delivered that when he did not receive it after a few minutes, he requested for a chargeback. It's good that I checked first my Paypal account before sending the electronic load. Prepaid electronic loads once delivered can't be taken back unless the recipient voluntarily "pasaload" or return the load. I issued the refund immediately.

I got most of my dealers and retailers through my online ads.  That is the joy of earning an income online. I can choose to have a passive income online while concentrating on my offline ventures /escapades. Or, work on it full time and earn as much without having to report to anyone except myself and my clients, if there any.  Try earning an income online using your skills/talents, you might enjoy especially the perks of doing it :)


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