15 Entre Tips from RJ David of Sulit (Part 1)

I was able to attend a real estate seminar in which RJ David was one of the speakers. The image in this post is one of the few shots I was able to take because of all the things I was not able to bring is an extra camera battery.
So, who is RJ David?

He is the Managing Director, President, and Chairman of the Board of Sulit.com.ph. According to him, he only got the titles because during the process of registering his business, he was required by law to fill-up said positions and there's no else but him.

Through his Twitter account, he recently and regularly published  some entrepreneurial tips. With his permission, I am publishing it here hoping it may also serve as guide for other entrepreneurs.

Here are the first 15 Entre tips from RJ David:

1: For first time entrepreneurs, look for something you are passionate about.

2: When is the best time to start in business? NOW

3: Get a co-founder for your startup / business

4: Pay It Forward

5: You cannot improve what you don't measure

6: For critical hires, hire someone better than you and who can say NO to you when it counts

7: When raising funds, avoid raising too much than what your business really needs.

8: Scarcity breeds creativity (and improves your discipline)

9: Happy employees are productive employees

10: As an Entrep, your main goal is not to make money, but to give value to your customer

11: Avoid sacrificing long term value in exchange of short term revenue

12: For your company to grow, it may first need to grow up.

13: No matter what industry you’re in, the people on your team matter most.

14: At times, challenges are too hard and you feel like quitting. All successful people felt that way.

15: Success is N times the sum of all your failures times negative one


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