Comments Moderation Is a Must

Once I setup a website, I automatically enable Akismet plugin and comments moderation. This is to minimize spam comments from appearing on my websites. Wanting to help other website owners plus laziness crept in,  I approved all the comments on one of my sites.

Then, the problem arose.

It was reported by Google that my website was reported as attack site. What?!!

I checked my analytics. There were no visitors for more than a month already. You got it right. :( I have not visited my own site for more than a month. Too many distractions offline and online.

I checked my codes. They're OK. Still, I changed my theme to improve the look. Done

Next, links on my posts as suggested by Google. Images have to uploaded on a reliable website. Left posts on draft mode. Done.

Still, nothing happened.

There must be something I missed.

The comments.

I unapproved and deleted about a thousand comments. No time to check each comment. I want my website to be viewable immediately.


Website is OK.   

Lesson learned: Comments moderation is a must.


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