Digg sold to Betaworks

Mergers, acquisition or buy-off of top websites are trending. After Scriptlance was acquired by Freelance, another previously one of the top social news aggregator Digg was sold to Betaworks.

I have not used Digg for more or less 2 years now but previously, Digg's traffic was a blast. After a website owner updates its website, he has to Digg its post and in a few minutes, search engines will have crawled and displayed the article in their search results. All contents were user submitted.

Before, I considered Digg as a website that you can't live without if you are doing online marketing. To understand how important it is, Digg-ing an article before is comparable to the Facebook Like now. Only, an article can have thousands of Diggs in just a matter of hours especially if the news is globally relevant. It aggregates almost all the important and not-so important events/news that there's no need for me to visit other websites. When it has enough Diggs, a story or article will be displayed on its front page. Making it to the front page or top story of Digg sometimes can bring a website down due to unexpected surge in traffic or website visitors. It's a multi-million dollar website. That's how I remembered Digg.

Searching for the term "Digg sold" yielded results that some of its patented parts were bought by LinkedIn, its team bought by Washington Post and what remained of it was sold to Betaworks for $500,000.00.

I was still able to Digg some of my websites last week. And if you have not tried using Digg, maybe its time you submit even one story and have your friends Digg it. It might become a history soon.


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