Get Paid for your Photos at CanStockPhoto

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3 WAYS to earn with CanStockPhoto
  1. Buyer. Sign-up as a buyer at canstockphoto and offer design services. Enhanced your designs using the stockphotos aimages photos 
  2. Photographer or Contributor. Sign-up as contributor or as a photographer. Submit and submit your photos. Wait for your payments. Promote your works if you have to. 
  3. Referral Program. Refer buyers and/or photographer contributor. Earn up to $100 from each referral! 
How to sign-up buyers and/or photographers?
Choose a banner and place them on a website or in an email. When someone clicks on your link, CanStockPhoto will automatically remember that you referred them. You will then be eligible for a referral commission!

How much can I make? 
From Purchases: You will earn a flat 10% of that member's purchases, within 6 months
From Photographers: You will earn $5 for every 50 photos that they sell within 6 months, up to $50. From Both: If they become a photographer and purchases photos, you can earn double commission!

How do I get paid? 
Each time you earn a referral, your account balance will automatically be credited. As usual, once your account reaches $100, you will be able to cash-out. You can choose to receive a cheque, or PayPal transfer. Or if you would like, you can also covert some of your account balance into download credits - your choice!

Sign up at CanStockPhoto here.


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