Multiply Closing Social Networking and Content Sharing By Dec 1, 2012

What? Really, is closing down? That was my first reaction when I first read it from my newsfeeds. Next reaction is to search the sources. So, here's the latest with more details.

Before Twitter and Facebook became as popular as today, together with Friendster were the talk of the town. Still one of the most popular online marketplace until this time and serving millions of buyers and sellers, is NOT closing down totally. It will just removed the social networking and content sharing part (photos, videos, blogs, social messaging, etc.). Users of the social networking features of Multiply will be assisted in the downloading or migration of their pages to other online services. E-commerce features will be retained so users (both buyers and sellers) are not required to take any actions.

I created an account with but I have not fully utilized its features since I prefer to have my webpages hosted elsewhere (free and paid) so I wonder what's the difference between the two users. Anyway, the removal of  the said features will be effective by December 1, 2012, a lot of time to migrate to other websites. If you have lots of contacts, it's now time to exchange email addresses so that wherever you may decide to migrate, you'll be able to get in touch. I wonder how it will affect the number of's userbase.

Although Facebook is now being used for online marketing, most of the time, users have to log-in to view the contents unlike in Multiply, eBay or Amazon. With the focus to retain its status as one of top e-commerce or online marketplaces especially for Southeast Asia, I am excited to see how it will evolve. One thing for sure is that I hope it will load faster because sometimes, when I am on a dial-up, I can't access it.

Below is a copy of the announcement of Stefan.

Source: Stefan's Announcement from Multiply Users and Developers (MUDS)


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