$215 Payout from Freelancer

Doing part-time jobs online for some years now, I can say there's money in the internet. Part-time means I do it when I want it, when I have time, when I feel like doing it or when I need extra money to buy something: )

I don't usually post my online earnings as it's not as much as others are receiving but it helps in inspiring  others when a proof or evidence is shown that I do earn from my online activities. So, here it is.

My latest passive income from online is $215. It's more than $215 but I withdrew only $215 via Paypal. Screenshot is shown below. This came from only one source, Freelancer.

You may find online posts suggesting that earning online is easy but actually it's not. Like any other jobs, working online requires time, skills, patience, and knowledge. It is true that some online earners earn thousands of dollars online every month but earning thousands did not happen overnight for them. They, too, spent countless hours reading, experimenting, trying programs, and failed countless times before getting the amount they are currently earning.

What are the advantages then of working online? Well, you get to work at your own time, and at the comfort of your home or anywhere you want and as they say, you may work while you're in pajamas. And that's priceless :)

To sign-up at Freelancer and start earning, click here.


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