Paper Template - Sales Letter Plugin for WordPress

Paper Template is recommended by reputable internet marketers for both professional and newbie internet marketers . If they are using it, then it must be good. What separates between a decision to buy or reject an offer is a good sales copy. A good sales copy that engages a visitor to read more and click that "BUY NOW" determines your profit. Anything that saves time, money, and effort contributes to profit. And if you are reading my blog, then you must be either looking for extra income online or alternate income source.

If you have ever tried to set up your own sales page or optin page you have experienced the frustration of:
  • Wondering what editor to use
  • How to make things look the right way
  • How to get things in the right place
  • Figuring out where to get the fancy buttons and graphics
  • How to get it all online
Once you get over the technical issues then you are suddenly faced with questions like:
  • How long or short should my page be?
  • Am I saying things in the right order?
  • What should my headline say?
  • Am I missing things like testimonials, guarantee, bullets
Finally you give in and try:
  • Finding the perfect WordPress theme (which one is the best?)
  • Tweaking an existing template (how much time would that take you?)
  • Outsourcing to a copywriter (who should you hire and how much would they charge?)
  • An "optimized" WordPress theme for sales letters (could you really figure out all the bells and whistles?)

Then, I recommend you check out Paper Template


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