Facebook Marketing Tips for Beginners

Facebook is the largest social networking site today. It is also considered as the best medium to get maximum exposure when you're planning to advetise your business or website because of its massive users. 

Advertisements can be customized to appear only to specific groups or segments of people based on the information contained within their profile or based on gender, location, or personal preferences. For example, if your product is about solar panels, your advertisements will appear only to those who have shown interest in solar panels or similar products or services in their personal profile, communities or groups they have joined, or the advertisements they clicked or responded to.

Know Your Objectives

Before creating your Facebook advertisement, you should identify first your objective on why you need to create one. Facebook has three (3) options
  1. Get More Page Likes to build bigger audience
  2. Promote Page Post wherein you get to choose what post you want to promote and get people to see and maybe engage them to a converstation
  3. Advanced Options allows you to create a new text and upload image for your advertisement
For newly created pages, option 1 is more likely to get maximum exposure for your page.

Create Targeted Advertisements
Advertising with Facebook has been set-up to heavily target the market for your products or services. It allows advertisers to tailor the advertisements based on your target market. With Facebook, you can set your ads up so that they appear only to specific people, location, age, gender, interests, activities, connections, relationship status, education, workplace, and even hobbies, or  groups/communities joined within the Facebook.

Facebook advertisements are triggered and will appear based on the above settings rather than searches made unline in search engines.

Facebook advertisements complement the activities of the user so as not to appear intrusive, offensive, or disrupt user activity

Improve Click Through Rate
Click through rates are instrumental in getting the most out of your paid Facebook advertisement. Improving CTR will increase exposure to your target market with minimal cost. Ads should have a conversion of at least 2% conversion rate and one way to increase CTR is to create a highly targeted advertisement.

Geographical location and time zones of your target market plays an important role as to what time of the day should your ads appear for maximum exposure and possible higher CTR.

You may also test various ads combinations within the Facebook community to determine what works best on your target market.

Read and Follow Facebook Guidelines

Advertising channels have their own do's and don'ts. Since Facebook has a diversified user base, make sure that the text and images being used in your ads follow set guidelines.Materials that are offensive or promote violence are not allowed.

Know Your Budget and Schedule

Facebook advertising allows advertiser to choose whether the campaign budget is per day or lifetime budget. Initial testing as to what optimization to use is essential to get maximum results out of your advertisement. Optimizing for clicks means you will only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement. This is usually more expensive that the option Optimize for impression wherein you will pay every time the ads is shown but does not necessarily mean a user will click on it..

As shown in the figure below, Optimize for clicks has a suggested bid of $0.35-1.46 USD per click while optimize for impression has a suggested bid of $0.04-$0.79. Bid is the amount you are willing to pay to get more exposure for the ad. Higher bid means higher probability that your ads will be shown instead of the ads of other advertisers  who have same market target as yours.

You can set your maximum daily bid lower than the suggested bid until such time that your CTR has improved.


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