MePay - Premium Payment Solution Using Mobile Number

Shopping online is getting more popular nowadays because of all the great deals and perks being offered by merchants and advertisers. To be able to shop online, a buyer must have a credit card. Or a Paypal account that is usually attached to a bank account or credit card. Only very few offer cash on delivery options and this is frustrating to some online shoppers.

What if a buyer does not have a credit card or a Paypal account?

Fresh, and just recently introduced to the online marketplace is a payment option wherein you only need a mobile number with credits to be able to shop. MePay is the premier payment solution that allows you to shop online without a credit card. You only need a MOBILE NUMBER.

MePay is not only for personal use. There are other options for business people such as

  1. MePay Express Over-the-Counter
  2. MePay Checkout
  3. MePay Swipe
  4. MePay Touch
  5. MePay Manager

For online income earners, you might be looking for affiliate opportunity. I have not found one but once you register, you will get a P100 credit that you can use to shop.

How do I get MePay? 

1. Visit
2. Enter the following details:
  • Legal name (first name, last name) 
  • Mobile number 
  • Password 
  • Security question (and corresponding answer) 

3. Click “Agree and create my account”
4. You will shortly receive an SMS notification containing the mobile verification code. 
5. Input the code on the website and click “Verify mobile number” 

Where can I use my MePay? 
Zalora, Easy Taxi (coming soon), Food Panda (coming soon), ClickBus (coming soon), TripDa (coming soon), and more! Stay tuned

Accept payments from anyone, anywhere Online, mobile, over the counter or face to face.


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