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Bitcoin is the latest internet currency that I just found is already being recognized by Philippine banks and even business establishments. In fact, bitcoin can already be used as direct payment for goods and services.

I've heard about bitcoin before but haven't given it much thought since it is not as popular as Paypal yet but recently, some friends mentioned it and that they are using it for some other online programs  they also introduced to me.  :)

Your phone is now your wallet. Money just got simpler. Load your Smart/Globe/Sun phone instantly, shop online, and send cash anywhere in the Philippines, all from your mobile phone.

Since selling, buying and sending bits or bitcoin is as easy as 1-2-3, it is another earning opportunity for online income-seekers. Take note that with bitcoin, there are no chargebacks. All transactions are considered final so danger of scammers ordering and charging back later like in Paypal or credit cards are eliminated.

Using bitcoin also is recommended for those who do not have credit cards.

Below are the financial institutions that recognizes bitcoin when trading with

To know more about bitcoin, here's the video.


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