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VANYWHERE — Turn Time and Skills to Cryptocurrencies That Pays Bills

I hear some people saying they don’t have skills for any job so they tend to stick on what is there even if it is a low-paying job. Stuck on a job which they hate until they retire. I beg to disagree because even a housewife has a skill that she may offer or share with other housewives. Is it really their choice? Or is it only just because opportunity did not present itself to them?
Now, what if your skills can earn you a crypto even during traffic hours, even when you are just staying at home, a PWD, or any status you have now, would you be joining a program, a project or a platform? (Remember that cryptocurrencies now are really popular and unlike FIAT or paper money that are affected by inflation, values may increase overtime.)

With Vanywhere, time can turn into cryptocurrency. Real people, real skills, real time! Vanywhere is a skill-sharing platform that connects people who are seeking and offering skills via live video, voice & chat

Well, I would surely join. …

My Journey in Earning Through Online for 2016

This blog has been in existence for several years now. I sometimes fail to update but it has been a part of my journey in earning money online. Facebook is not yet popular then. Now, it is one of the biggest marketing medium when you want to earn online.

In the later part of 2015, I found a program which does not only allow me to earn extra income through online marketing but also promote an advocacy: SUPPORT ORGANIC FARMING for a healthier, safer for everyone through eco-friendly and economical ways.
Since then, when I am not sitting in the office doing my office job or in the field doing my routinary inspection responsibilities, I am with my farmer, hobbyist friends discussing what's new in their gardens, farms, and livestocks. It's been a great adventure. I've learned what does a fertilizer contains and its effects in the health and environment. What measures can be implemented to minimize its usage and help the environment.

With this new endeavor,  I gained friends nea…