VR OKO Virtual Reality Headsets for Adult Video Content

In the past few weeks that I had been active earning online through cryptocurrency-related activities, I have witnessed how the industry has evolved with more and more use cases on how cryptocurrency can be used in growing businesses. Even the sudden jump of Bitcoin price from $6500/BTC to $19,000/BTC and drop again to $6300 has not affected the number of ICOs (initial coin offerings) being introduced or launched daily.

From these ICOs, I participated in some projects. These projects are the ones with available prototype or working products that just needed additional fundings for market expansion. The introduction of cryptocurrency is a bonus factor which will cater to clients that want anonymousity in their purchases.One of these ICOs is that of OKOIN - the first decentralized blockchain-based VR platform for 100 % anonymous adult content distribution. The project combines the blockchain with virtual reality using the VR OKO headset.


VR OKO virtual reality headsets i…



CoinExchange trade volume and market listings

Coin Exchange is one of the more popular trading site specializing in crypto currencies.It is an online altcoin exchange focused on ease of use, security and customer support. Its mission is to become a pillar in the online crypto currency market place.

Aside from offering its service as trading website, Coin Exchange offers additional income for its traders and users with its affiliate program. Affiliate marketing has been one of the most lucrative online income generator and Coin Exchange offers the same to its traders or users.

Here is the affiliate rates of  Coin Exchange which can earn you a lucrative passive incom

Affiliate Rates

Maker Fee Commission Rate: 2.50%
Taker Fee Commission Rate: 5.00%

What are maker and taker rates?
A Market Maker is a trader that creates an order that is not matched in the live order book. That is, a trader that is creating a new trade opportunity with no opposite matching order.

A Market Taker is a trader that purchases or sells, fully or partially, into an existing order. For example if there is a current active unfilled sell order on the XYZ/BTC market for 10 XYZ at 0.01 BTC (the Market Maker order). A trader that purchases that sell order is the Market Taker.
How often are trade commissions processed?
Once every 24 hours.
How do I receive my affiliate commission payments?
Every 24 hours we calculate the total amount you are owed for each of the base currency markets BTC, DOGE, ETC etc. You will receive a deposit into your main account for the sum amount owed per base currency each day. Affiliate commission payments into your account can be viewed on the deposits page/s and will be marked as 'affiliate commission'.
Are there any performance incentives? 
Yes, we will manually review our top performing affiliates on a monthly basis. These top performers will recieve a commission rate boost. We will also be offering tiered performance bonuses at a later stage. 

Well, crypto trading is really huge right now and can generate a very good active and passive income. Why don't you give it a try? Sign up here with Coin Exchange now


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