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Trading since the beginning of time has been a lucrative source of income. It is a 24/7 market where one can easily become a millionaire given the right chance. With the continuing and rising popularity of cryptocurrency usage and acceptance, crypto trading platforms have also been introduced to the market. Some platforms trade only cryptos while some allows forex and other assets to be traded. I myself have trading accounts on these platforms and use them from time to time depending on which coins I want to trade since a platform does not necessarily list all the coins available in the market.

A soon--to-launched platform which caught my attention is  Currently in its Pre-ICO sale, offers services that other platforms do not have. Its social accounts communities have grown steadily and was able to acquire $7 million in crowdsourcing within a few days since the first day of pre-ICO sale. Below is a quick fact sheet about

What make different from some of the existing trading platforms?
  • trading and financing platform for more than just crypto assets
  • it will also offer Forex and CFDs over precious metals, oil, commodities, indices, global equities, to name just a few,  offering more than 120 products at launch
  • indelible receipt on every transaction within  client account to ensure complete transparency through the blockchain
  • will have the capacity to trade any number of assets.
  • issuance of TRADE TOKENS, a utility token used to exchange
  • offers participation in the liquidity pool for 5000 500 trade tokens 
  • fully compliant with required regulations on KYC and AML 
  • experience team with accomplished management & advisors from the fintech, investment banking, blockchain, and trading space

When you are new to cryptocurrency, the many terms being used can be confusing but don't be. When you participate with initial coin offering (ICO), you can buy TRADE TOKENS at a ratio of 1ETH = 200 Trade Tokens (TIO). What are these trade tokens then? These are like your stakes in a company which when can be traded (buy, sell, exchange) when the company opens itself to the public for trading. Trade tokens are more of a utility token which acts like a membership coupon that grants access to the shared liquidity pool when used in the wallet.
Other benefits include
  • a lower cost medium of exchange on
  • a store of value that can be used to purchase goods and services
  • a membership key in the wallet to the liquidity pool
  • a coupon enabling wallet participants to receive higher levels of benefits
  • a coupon for preferred access to products or new listings on when used in the wallet
  •  ability to participate in the P2P liquidity pool

I keep on mentioning about liquidity pool. So, what is this all about? This is one of the features that makes different from some of the many ICOs now. Holders of Trade Tokens has the opportunity to contribute a selected amount of the assets contained within their e-wallets to the shared, P2P liquidity pool. The minimum number of tokens needed is 500 Trade Tokens (it was lowered down from 5000 Trade Tokens to enable more holders to participate)
Half of the profits (or losses) generated will be allocated (or debited) from the liquidity pool with those subsequently allocated pro-rata to the participants and paid out on a daily basis. In other words, 50% of the daily revenues (or losses) generates will be paid or debited to or from the liquidity pool. Participants will receive their portion of the liquidity pool distribution on a daily basis which will varyas the liquidity pool’s performance is impacted by multiple factors, including:
  • Spread
  • Commission
  • Aggregation
  • Risk Positions
  • Margin Interest
  • Transaction & Placement Fees
  • Stock Lending and Borrowing Interest

A liquidity pool participant may expect positive and negative results on a daily basis within their participation in the liquidity pool. It is’s expectations however, through experience, that the % earned on positive days will outweigh the % lost on negative days. As always, past performance is not indicative of future results.

Portions allocation of the profits will be based on a graduated plan. The higher a participant shares in the liquidity pool, the higher will be the profit starting from 10% for 500-999 Trade Tokens to 110% for 5,000 Trade Tokens, as shown in the table below.


Participating with ICOs is risky so there is a need to check the background of the management team behind. When a program hides who are its management team then it is a red signal. With, there is no such alarming signal. Notable among them which helped gain the trust of many participants is the Mr. Chien Lee, Board Member; founder, chairman and CEO of NewCity Capital LLC; co-owner at OGC Nice FC, a French association football club based in Nice; founding member of 7 Days Group Holdings Ltd., one of the leading budget hotel chains in China,; and  co-owner of The Grand Ho Tram Strip, the largest integrated resort in Vietnam.

Below are the other Board Members and Management Team offers of a very attractive investment package to the participants and trade token holders. Its management team clearly shows they meant success for the long term. With only 1 ETH to get 200 Trade Tokens, and price going up after pre-ICO, it is my opinion to acquire enough tokens now that will enable one to participate in the liquidity pool as early as when the LP opens. Again, participation in the pool requires 500 tokens.

To know more about, visit and  join the Bitcointalk community


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