VR OKO Virtual Reality Headsets for Adult Video Content

In the past few weeks that I had been active earning online through cryptocurrency-related activities, I have witnessed how the industry has evolved with more and more use cases on how cryptocurrency can be used in growing businesses. Even the sudden jump of Bitcoin price from $6500/BTC to $19,000/BTC and drop again to $6300 has not affected the number of ICOs (initial coin offerings) being introduced or launched daily.

From these ICOs, I participated in some projects. These projects are the ones with available prototype or working products that just needed additional fundings for market expansion. The introduction of cryptocurrency is a bonus factor which will cater to clients that want anonymousity in their purchases.One of these ICOs is that of OKOIN - the first decentralized blockchain-based VR platform for 100 % anonymous adult content distribution. The project combines the blockchain with virtual reality using the VR OKO headset.


VR OKO virtual reality headsets i…

Ethereum Ultimate - Buy and Sell Goods with Crypto-currencies.

There are many ICOs now but here is an ERC-20 based token created under Ethereum's blockchain, thus, inheriting and provides Ethereum's features, Ethereum Ultimate?


Ethereum Ultimate is a decentralized token project that aims for mainstreaminization of crypto-currencies. Unlike other crypto-currencies Ethereum Ultimate is created for people that wanted to buy and sell goods with crypto-currencies.

Our goal is creating a token that you can use for buying or selling goods. With the environment that Ethereum smart contracts provide to us, there will be a  safety area that protects both sides in their transactions, buyer and the seller. No nasty chargebacks for the sellers and identity protection for the buyer side. We wanted to keep our project simple enough to be understood by everyone and therefore we didn't want to bother anyone with unnecessary information.


Token Name: Ethereum Ultimate
Token Symbol: ETHUT
Decimals: 18
Contract Adress: 0xbd5cfa0e509b2981753da7a53ee18f5876f8631e
Max Supply: 5.000.000
Crowdsale: 4.350.000
Airdrop: 200.000
Bounty: 300.000
Team: 150.000

ETHEREUM ULTIMATE promises to deliver the following:

Token is based on Ethereum Smart Contracts, so the fee that you are going to pay for your transactions will be lower than the fee that you are paying for your Bitcoin transactions.
Transactions you make with Ethereum Ultimate tokens are based on Ethereum's blockchain so with using Ethereum's features transactions are faster than Bitcoin.
Ethereum Ultimate tokens were created using Ethereum Smart Contracts, we wanted it to be open source so we thought Ethereum Smart Contracts is the best choice for us.
All of the Ethereum Ultimate tokens will be distributed. It cannot be regulated by any company or government. Ethereum Ultimate tokens belong to people who claim it.
With Ethereum Smart Contracts, your wallet can not be accessed by anyone without your private key for your Ethereum Ultimate wallet. You just need to protect your private key.
All of the transactions going on in the Ethereum Ultimate's blockchain are completely anonymous. With using Ethereum Ultimate's blockchain your identity will be kept private.


Tokens are being generated when people buy them. When a contract is created in
smart contracts and a 650.000 ETHUT is sent out to ETHUT wallet, 500.000 ETHUT will be
used for airdrop and bounty, 150.000 will be held by the team for exchanges and


Based on the above roadmap, Ethereum Ultimate will be listed on 2 exchanges, Coin Exchange and Ether Delta, by December.  Currently, the crowdsale is extended until December 11, 2017.  If you have not invested yet, visit the links below and have a few tokens under your stash in anticipation of its breakout price when it hits the said exchanges. 


Website: https://ethereumultimate.com
Whitepaper: http://ethereumultimate.com/whitepaper.pdf
Crowdsale (ICO): http://ethereumultimate.com/#crowdsale
Airdrop: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XgDTfYK0qfg5Ip2gtVlpE85GMZU5OhLGtYU3roKqC_8


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