VANYWHERE — Turn Time and Skills to Cryptocurrencies That Pays Bills

I hear some people saying they don’t have skills for any job so they tend to stick on what is there even if it is a low-paying job. Stuck on a job which they hate until they retire. I beg to disagree because even a housewife has a skill that she may offer or share with other housewives. Is it really their choice? Or is it only just because opportunity did not present itself to them?
Now, what if your skills can earn you a crypto even during traffic hours, even when you are just staying at home, a PWD, or any status you have now, would you be joining a program, a project or a platform? (Remember that cryptocurrencies now are really popular and unlike FIAT or paper money that are affected by inflation, values may increase overtime.)

With Vanywhere, time can turn into cryptocurrency. Real people, real skills, real time! Vanywhere is a skill-sharing platform that connects people who are seeking and offering skills via live video, voice & chat

Well, I would surely join. …

Withrawal of Electroneum Funds from Cryptopia to ETN Wallet

Electroneum is now LIVE, finally, after weeks of waiting. And I was able to trade already. Now, I am sure many will be depositing and withrawing their ETNS so I am posting here basic guide for withdrawal of electroneum funds from cryptopia to ETN wallet.

Before you can withdraw, you MUST add first the wallet address to your cryptopia account. This is a MUST for every coin or token you will be withdrawing.

1) Open Cryptopia account and visit security page.
2) On the lower left side, Withdraw Address Book, click Add New
3) Select ETN from the combo list. You may add label
4) Enter your own ETN wallet address or the ETN wallet address where your withdrawal will go.
5) Click Add

After adding your ETN wallet address, you are now ready to withdraw.
1. Click on B for Balances on top of your screen
2. Click on the red up arrow on the left of Electroneum for Withraw ETN
3. Select Wallet address
4. Input Amount to withdraw
5. Click Next and Confirm

Expect some delays to occur


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