VR OKO Virtual Reality Headsets for Adult Video Content

In the past few weeks that I had been active earning online through cryptocurrency-related activities, I have witnessed how the industry has evolved with more and more use cases on how cryptocurrency can be used in growing businesses. Even the sudden jump of Bitcoin price from $6500/BTC to $19,000/BTC and drop again to $6300 has not affected the number of ICOs (initial coin offerings) being introduced or launched daily.

From these ICOs, I participated in some projects. These projects are the ones with available prototype or working products that just needed additional fundings for market expansion. The introduction of cryptocurrency is a bonus factor which will cater to clients that want anonymousity in their purchases.One of these ICOs is that of OKOIN - the first decentralized blockchain-based VR platform for 100 % anonymous adult content distribution. The project combines the blockchain with virtual reality using the VR OKO headset.

OKO VR headset

VR OKO virtual reality headsets is specially and exclusively produced by VR Technology, a Czech company. Their headquarters are located in Prague, with representatives and distribution offices in 8 cities across 4 countries. The native customer base includes over 900,000 clients. On top of this, there are over 1.2 million clients of their partner studios. 

Virtual reality headset specifically designed for viewing interactive adult video content, VR OKO allows viewers to experience virtual reality as if they were in the real world with various option like immerse themselves in events and control the angle, zoom, viewpoints etc. Its movie library includes more than 500 titles in 40 different genres. Five studios work on title production. You can already purchase the headset from the official website and partner stores. Both the headset and the movies can be purchased with OKOIN cryptocurrency which is being used throughout the system. It guarantees the security, stability, speed and reliability of payments, regardless of where the customer is in the world.

What are the Features of the OKO VR Headset?

VR OKO is specifically designed to expand and enhance your adult film viewing experience to the highest levels of sensual pleasure.At the same time, the device itself is flexible and autonomous: the headset does not require a computer or a smartphone to work properly. 
  1. SELF-CONTAINED. No additional device needed to watch movies.
  2. HIGH-POWERED. Movies play perfectly, smoothly and in high resolution, thanks to an advanced 8-core processor.
  3. SAFE. With the specially designed VR OKO headset, your eyes naturally change focus eliminating eye strain.
  4. STRONG. The VR OKO headset is made with the most innovative durable, impact-proof, dust -proof materials available. The casing has an IP67 protection rating.
  5. EXHILARATION. Extremely high detailed UHD resolution (2160x1400) guarantees maximum viewing pleasure.
  6. ADAPTABILITY. Comes with a joystick, headphones, assorted cables and adapters which greatly expand the headset’s functionality; all easily connected to any computer or gaming device. Ideal for gamers!
Using the platform, clients can expect the following:
  1. An adult VR movie and product store operating on smart contracts
  2. Adult VR video chats
  3. Single OKOIN cryptocurrency for anonymous payments

Key features of the project

  1. No intermediaries - Decentralized p2p distribution of adult content: high speed, high security and zero intermediaries 
  2. Revolutionary format -VR OKO is a game-changing way to watch adult video content. And, for the record, it was adult content that helped VHS to defeat Betamax, and Blu-ray to defeat HD-DVD. 
  3. Virtual trading platform -A virtual trading platform for adult products and services. Millions of offers from thousands of vendors – without retail margins
So, why should you participate in the ICO?  

  1. Limitations of leading platforms. Giant e-companies, such as Google or Apple, restrict distribution channels. Even Facebook restricts the distribution of adult content. Once flagged, adult contents posted get deleted as soon as it is posted on the Facebook website. A new distribution channel removes these restrictions. 
  2. General industry growth.  According to SimilarWeb, from January to November 2016, the traffic of the top 10 VR porn websites grew by 202%. According to the experts, by 2020 the industry’s market volume will exceed $1 billion. If this happens, the value of the OKOIN you purchased during the ICO can balloon to unimaginable amount as more and more users search for a platform where they can be satisfied about the security and safety of the products or service being offered when it comes to adult contents.
  3.  State regulations around the world. Many countries restrict porn distribution legally and technically. A move to the blockchain and p2p completely eliminates these restrictions. Users are guaranteed anonymousity when it comes to payment and availment of products and services.
OKOIN invitation only party
Would you want to experience how does the OKO VR headset can change and enhance your sexual activities? On April 25th, VR Technology company will host a private party with a presentation of the VR OKO headset and content distribution platform. The party will take place in Prague, in the legendary medieval castle Basilica Sacre-Coeur.  This will be one of the talk about party for ICO participants who will be chosen to the invitation-only party. If you are one of the lucky 30 who will be chosen and is near the area, this is a must-attend party.

For more information about OKOIN and OKO VR Platform, visit the following links:
OKOIN Website: https://okoin.io/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/okoin.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/okoin_io
Telegram: https://t.me/okoinico
VR Technology website: https://vrtechnology.cz/?set_lang=en

In my point of view, for investors, it is always safer to invest in ICOs like that of OKOIN that have already working products or prototypes because of their ready and captured market. What makes OKOIN one of the best ICOs at the moment is that VR technology's gaining popularity, its niche which is adult content, and its target market which is all population above 18 years old regardless of sex and preferences.


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